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Alana Eisenbarth



In the days preceding a cataclysmic event, animals flee to safety. A shift is happening in the human species. Those of us attuned to our inner nature are moving to higher ground. However, it is not a physical movement but spiritual. And it is not to a place but an elevated level of consciousness, for this is how we evolve.

Why are you here?

To expand human awareness.

How can you say this?

Because I have. What we bring into the world becomes the world’s.

Aurora of the Philosophers

In The Power of Now, Eckhart Tolle propounds our species dies if it does not evolve. He speaks of the eschatology of the prophets, saying they knew not what they wrote, not that their words were not truthful or divinely gleaned, but that when intellectually rendered, conclusions could only be wrong; anyone attempting a semblance of meaning without a divine sense of knowing what was beyond could only err.

That said, there is an art to this conveyance, to the transcription of what is revealed, a trust in quietude and patience that is the mystic art. A lyric strikes a cord, but the mystic cannot make sense of it yet. Its beauty is a canyon, a vast hole in us. To delineate is to flatten and fill. What once held breath becomes like the black birds in the city hitting the pavement, struck dumb. The ones we had poisoned. So that we learn not to alter but transcribe.



The function of myth: One mystery and its key


What we ask will be revealed to us. Therefore, the transcriber leads through her questions until what can only be explained mythopoetically becomes a story God is telling through her life. The presence of knowing then grows beyond the container of body, so that she comes to understand the voice of Conscience as the higher self, an eternal being, what knows her for what she will become.


This second self is what we are in spirit; the soul, the vast emptiness that connects us. Because the awakening of the spiritual is beyond the apprehension of the five senses, this is a story told to us symbolically through our blood. Because, too, the spiritual self is eternal, it is already complete at its entrance. Birthed here in time it seems to evolve, but it is our awareness of it that grows; it exists unbegotten.


Time being a measurement of manifestation in material form and matter being the least degree of light (Paracelsus), so begins the dissolution of time and all things material as one’s waking becomes the other’s sleep. What was a book, what had been a sacred conveyance asks something of the mystic in the phenomenal world until she can no longer ascertain what is story and what is her life, until the lines between the creator and created become obscured, writer and heroine, sender and sent. If the world she inhabits at the depths of her being and all she is transcribing is true, then what she sees around her is not real, at least not in the sense she had been told.


So that when I am shown the end of the world, it is an end that calls for surrender. In the moment humanity dies, nothing exists but what is real, and what is real is God. It is what Rumi speaks of when he writes, “The continents blasted, cities and little towns, everything/ become a scorched, blackened ball./ The news we hear is full of grief for that future,/ but the real news inside here/ is there’s no news at all.” We must die to ourselves to be received beyond form into Reality, inside here into the presence of stillness in the light, what we are. And so words locate us here in the transcendent power of song to reach beyond egoic hold, beyond the world of Adam, beyond pain and suffering, into joy.


Wake up, Adam.
It is only a nightmare
your attention breeds.

The Importance of Myth

It is how apocalypse might become an invitation to rebirth and myth a passage into a higher level of consciousness. Essentially, consciousness becomes our salvation. It has always been. We walk in the light, levitate as if carried, as if nothing could harm us in the world until something does. Until the reality of the world branded into us by the rulers, societal systems and law reaches in and reminds us of what we were in shadow. Then the heroine falls back into a human body and knows what it means to fall. She is Eve, her vision expanded so that she feels beyond time that she has always been. She understands then symbol is not representative of a thing, but it is that thing indivisible. In other words, she reaches the level of cosmic consciousness, which then slips away as world returns, and she becomes conscious again of phenomena, a realm of things without light.


4. [The Rulers] have taken my light from me, and my power is dried up. I have forgotten my mystery which heretofore I was wont to accomplish.

5. Because of the voice of the fear and the power of Self-willed my power is vanished.

6. I am become as a demon apart, who dwelleth in matter and light is not in him, and I am become as a counterfeiting spirit, which is in a material body and light-power is not in it.


from the 4th Repentance

the importance of myth

In essence, she is fulfilling the story of Pistis Sophia, and thus of Eve/Zoe/Noraia, where one in ignorance and without the assistance of the divine, creates a world of phenomena. This world within its delusionary state seeks to desecrate all that is God, for what is real threatens its existence. Its Rulers are the jealous gods, personifications of systems Human has put in place, those blind to what is real. Their end, for they are not eternal, is in death; they collapse and divide that one might witness her own augmentation and union. So is the nature of awareness. When we detach an abstract thing from its context, we see it in its pure form, for its true properties.

Through a story one tells herself of the fallen and what causes the fall, she transcends a character and an author. She transcends a human form. Finally, she transcends the ability of fiction and non- to define itself that ‘definition’ become impaired, for all that is named or defined is the creation of another. What is true exists unbegotten. “The light will [...] the darkness and obliterate it: it will be like something that has never been” (On the Origin of the World). This is the end in the place of beginning. Human cannot conceive of what it will become until the shell of body be discarded; the seed on entering the earth must die.

Summarily, myth has the power to unfasten the body garment that we wear and reveal us beyond what we are. Magic returns to the world. It takes only the consciousness of it. I cannot explain this. To explain is to enter in and listen. That is all. One cannot interpret but know in ways that transcend intellectual knowing, for when one apprehends at the level of spirit, a hypostatic state, when what is revealed is such that it transcends the mind’s capacity to comprehend, it is revelatory, and we are expanded.

Light grows in us, beyond reason and beyond orthodoxy, beyond the spacio-temporal realm, to locate us in true Reality. It is how one can wake and know herself as Eve. Subsequently, a state of consciousness extends the parameters of her existence, and the archetype becomes a blood song long held.


“The work of time must be undone, the auroral moment immediately preceding the Creation must be reintegrated; on the human plane, this is as much as to restore the “blank page” of existence, the absolute beginning, when nothing was yet sullied, nothing spoiled.”




Success! Message received.

“We are symbols. We are points of energy in the world, and behind each one of us is an inconceivable totality, a reservoir of infinite strength, infinite beauty, infinite reality. If we turn it on, we will have it. If we turn it on honestly, the shadows will disappear, for there is not enough darkness in all the world to put out the light of a single candle. Everything can be beautiful. Everything can be fulfilled because the fulfillment, the energy is there. Heaven is in the upper realms of ourselves and our world. Heaven is where we make the right decisions and are glad, and having made these decisions we cooperate with the earth to preserve it and to help it to serve us as wisely as it should.”


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